Barter to Shop Early

This is a simple and fun way for each of us to get something that we both want! You simply provide goods or a service up to a certain dollar amount, and based upon that amount, you are allowed an early shopping time BEFORE our pre-sale. This allows you to shop in a quiet, relaxed environment with a small number of people. You get first shot at some of those great deals we have! Below is a list of certain goods and services that we have either bartered for in the past, or are currently interested in bartering for now. If you have an idea that is not on the list, contact us at and let us know. Be creative and send us your ideas!

Here at Encores, we love to barter!

Click here to sign up for these barters:

Office supplies

Restaurant and Visa gift cards

Forever Stamps



Pizza Dinner for Encores workers

Shopping Bags

Contact us at for any of the barters listed below

Truck driver with their own truck to move our 18-wheel storage trailer from Nashville to the sale location


Security Personnel - uniformed or plain clothes




Gift Certificates- movies, restaurants, retail, sporting


Home Services

• Painting - interior or exterior

• Electrical work

• Window cleaning services

• Landscaping/Lawn care

• Hardwood flooring

• Plumbing

• Carpentry

• Pressure-washing/sealing


Concert or athletic tickets




Music instruction- drum


Sewing or monogramming


Salon Services


Dental - Franklin or Brentwood area


Auto services


Vet services


Timeshare rentals


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