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Consignor Corner

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Encores News!

On your presale pass you will find a link near the bottom that goes to our Line Up registration page.


At 10 am on presale day, this registration will be open and you can go to this link to reserve your place in the presale line. The online Line Up will be closed at 4 pm. Anyone who comes to the site at that time that has not signed up online will be in line behind everyone who DID sign up online. We will start forming the  line at 4:30 pm. Doors open at 5 pm.


This site will NOT be active until 10am on presale day. If you go to the site before 10 am on presale day,  you will not be able to sign up.


PreSale Day


What Time

10 am - 4 pm

Sign-Up to Line Up




Reserve your place in the presale line

Consignor Appreciaton Awards

Remember, once you register for a consignor number, it is permanent and you can use the same number and tags at all our sales.  In fact, you can transfer all your tags with just a click of your mouse!


              Our Tagging Videos are available now. Tagging Clothing and Tagging Items.







If you are consigning a car seat, download and print the car seat contract.


On PreSale, we'll be randomly handing these out as you enter the building at 5pm. They will be given out on presale night before the sale starts.

We really do appreciate all our consignors and are grateful for your business! Good Luck to you all and no coveting by those who do not win….

Don't forget these important facts


Car seat Contract

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Combining Sales information

The fee for consigning in both sales will be combined to $20. 


The fee for consigning only in the Adult Sale will remain at $10 or consigning only in the children’s sale will be $14.


You can waive your adult fee by bringing a new adult/home decor consignor. Click here for details.

• Children's table/floor items will be sorted into numbers on the tables or floor for bigger items.

• Children's clothing is sorted into numbers within it's size rack.

• Children’s books, VHS/dvds, and shoes are not sorted but will be left on their size table so they can be easily seen

• Adult items are not sorted, but if you wish to pick up early, you can work sort and pick-up that night. Click here to sign-up.

We have lots of rewards on our Facebook page, so be sure you like us on Encores South Consignment Sale page!

Sorting Guidelines

Daily Sales Updates!

We will be posting sales to each consignor's account perioidically during the sale.  And you will have a complete list of your sold items at the end of the sale. Just click on the View Settlement Tab on your home page in your tagging account to see what has sold.  It is fun to see what is selling, how much you are making...and helps with pick up!

Get them all in one package, at one place:


                             "Because Friends don't let Friends beg for hangers!"

Tired of trying to round up supplies?

Get $10 off your consignor fee this Sale!  

If you bring a consignor who did not consign last sale, you can have $10 waived from your consignor fee!! This applies to consigning either children’s or adult items.  Click here for all the info.

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