General Information

"Think upscale, not garage sale."

• Adult Clothing- Men & Women - NO ITEM NUMBER LIMIT THIS SALE - purchased new within the last 3 years. See Clothing Guidelines


• Spring and Summer clothing and items


• Acceptable brand-names - see Clothing Guidelines


• Shoes - clean and pristine - NO ITEM LIMIT THIS SALE (worn out, scuffed shoes will not be accepted)    


• Home Furnishings- Furniture, Lamps, Tables, Sofas, Chairs, Recliners


• Kitchen items, Bedding (Bedding must encased in plastic), Electronics, Framed Prints, Baskets, Floral, Decorative items


• Tools, Exercise Equipment, Appliances (in working condition), Office Furniture, etc.


• Seasonal Decor and Accessories


• Accessories (socks, underwear, jewelry, ties, scarves, belts)



• Bath products (soap, lotion, shampoo)


• Curtains and Draperies


• Home Electronics (printers, tv, computer monitors, DVD/CD players)




The Encores Adult and Home Décor Sale is a great way to get paid to clean out your closets! Clothing and furniture in excellent condition are our best sellers, but we also sell home goods such as kitchenware, electronics, decorative home items, bedding, linens, shoe --- just about anything in excellent condition for your home or office.                                                                                                                    

Unacceptable Items

• Unapproved brands See Clothing Guidelines


• Out of date clothing (bought new more than 3 years ago)


• Tee shirts unless they are brand name or logos (Titans, Gap, Nike, Under Armor, graphic tees etc.)


• Non-flat screen CRT TV's or Entertainment Armoires


• We are no longer accepting VHS movies or CDs


• We are no longer accepting Encyclopedias or books that are old, yellowed, torn or generally unfit to to be sold


• Items with stains, missing or broken parts, bedding/linens not completely encased in sturdy plastic, any items with multiple pieces that are not properly packaged together.


• No Food Items





Next,  Be                    to begin your registration or tagging.

Before you spend your valuable time tagging an item, make sure it meets the guidelines

                           guidelines below and be sure you have read everything on our clothing guidelines page.

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You do not have to choose a separate category when entering your tags, such as Women’s Clothing or Men’s Clothing. Instead, those two categories are combined within the size selection.  On the Size selection drop-down box, just type a W, M, or scroll to the end of the list and all the women’s and men’s sizes will be there for you. You can just tab past the Category box and leave it blank.                                                                                                          

One special note when tagging your adult clothing that is different from children’s clothing

Tagging Clothing Check List


Acceptable Items


Dont forget


You want your printing to be ‘not too light’ and ‘not too dark’ but ‘Just Right!’ Be sure your printer is set to Draft Printing, you do not want to use dark ink. It is important that the bar codes scan properly.  That is how you get paid!


You must wait to have your items inspected at check-in and then you will hang your clothing on the proper racks.  Our workers will put out any other items you bring.

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You must type a brand in the description box.

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If any of the following are consigned, they will be donated