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Encores VIP Tagging Service


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Encore’s VIP tagging is a service we are offering to anyone who has great items to consign, but just can’t find the time to get them all tagged! Using our VIP tagging service is the fastest, most efficient, and easiest way to make money on your out-grown/unused items!

Benefits of using Encores VIP tagging service:

  • Clear out your closets, playroom, and garage in one sweep

  • Free up your time spent tagging and skip the on-site check-in process too!

  • Arrange for it all to be picked up and then wait for your check to arrive!

  • Optional: Double your selling exposure by selling at both Encores North and South and perhaps other Encores location too!

  • Who really has time to sell things separately or online? Let Encores do all the work for you and enjoy the selling power of Middle Tennessee’s largest consignment group!

You will receive 50% of the selling price for children’s items, less the normal participant fees. There is a supply fee that varies according to the amount of items you consign. You will have your items freshly laundered, no stains or damage and preferably on hangers. Please be sure they are in the correct season and adhere to the guidelines listed on our Tagging Page and General Information Page. Anything not meeting our criteria will be donated.

Please fill out and submit this form to get more information! Making the submission does not commit you to using the service. You will be contacted by our secretary Molly Brewer and she will send you more information and will help you make an appointment with one of our taggers.

Our VIP submission form does not show up on iPhones or iPads :(  


Please email us at and include the answers to the questions below. You will be contacted by our secretary (and expert VIP tagger herself) Dara Mayfield and she will send you more information and will help you make an appointment with one of our taggers.


1. Your name and location

2. Guesstimate of how much stuff you have:

     1 - 3 bags

     4 - 5 bags

     6+ bags

     A ton of stuff!!


3. What types of items you have:  Children's clothing, toys, equipment  or  Adult Clothing/Home Goods   or  Both


4. Do you have any oversized items?


5. When will your items be ready?

* Required