2 Ways to Waive Your Adult/Home Sale Fee!

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Spread the word about Encores Adult sale and save $$$!  


All you need to do is download and print the form here, fill in your section, and give it to a friend that hasn’t participated in the Adult Sale before.  When the new consignor turns this

form in at drop-off, we will waive your fee.


Here's the information you will fill out on the form.


New consignor- Fill in the information below and bring this form with you when you come to drop-off.

Name _______________________________________

Address _____________________________________

City, State, Zip ________________________________

Consignor # __________________________________



Current consignor

Name _______________________________________

Consignor # __________________________________



1. Bring a friend and we'll waive your Adult fee!

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2. Donate all your unsold items and we will waive your Adult fee!