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Waive Your Fee - TWO ways!


Spread the word about Encores sale and save $$$!  


All you need to do is download and print the form here,

fill in your section, and give it to a friend that hasn’t

participated in our sale before.  When the new consignor turn this

form in at drop-off, we will waive your fee.


Here's the information you will fill out on the form.


New consignor- Fill in the information below and bring this form with you when you come to drop-off.

Name _______________________________________

Address _____________________________________

City, State, Zip ________________________________

Consignor # __________________________________



Current consignor

Name _______________________________________

Consignor # __________________________________



1. Bring a friend and we'll waive your fee!

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2. Mark ALL UNSOLD ITEMS for donate (when tagging) and waive your fee!


All items must be designated "DONATE" when entered into the tagging system. ("X" will appear on the tag to indicate it is a donated item).